Creativity, Competence, Compassion and Character are the traits that define us and drive us in our passion to work with small and marginal farmers exposed to vagaries of nature.

Ours is a social business model that is built to bridge three issues:

  • 90% of India’s poor are small and marginal farmers
  • India has 49 Million hectares of cultivable wasteland which can be reclaimed with the right agricultural practices. Most of this belongs to small/marginal farmers
  • Agro industries often face a shortage of raw materials available domestically, and often have to import raw materials leading to higher costs.

We believe that grants, charity, technology and markets alone cannot sustainably address the problem of poverty. Therefore, we promote an Inclusive Business Ecosystem, where key stakeholders including communities, companies, government, investors, technical experts and entrepreneurs work together to drive out poverty sustainably and permanently.

Our agroforestry model approach is an innovative, system-changing process through which small farmers not only achieve enhanced food, nutrition and income security, but also meet the demands of raw material for leading industries, such as pulp and paper, herbal products, and other such agro-based products. The model also helps reduce global warming through carbon sequestration, and conserves natural resources by gradually enhancing the fertility and productivity of the land.

The model is inclusive because it not only benefits people with land but also the landless and the unemployed rural youth. We generate approximately 100 person-days of wage employment per acre during harvesting & transportation of matured woods. This provides the landless with employment at home and also protects women and adolescent girls from harassment and exploitation when they migrate.

SAI identifies and trains rural unemployed youth to become ‘Community Resource Persons’ (CRP). Upon successful training, they are inducted as full-time employees with SAI to provide one-to-one support to small farmers, for which they earn an attractive salary and social recognition within their communities.



A world where marginalized sections of society are looked not as recipients but as partners in development, actively contributing to the economy while sustaining and improving their livelihoods

SAI’s motto is ‘Living with Dignity, not on Charity’. Nothing is taken as free by our farmers, and they repay each rupee upon harvesting.


To enable small and marginal farmers to move out of poverty by integrating them as rightful partners into corporate value chains, together with:

  • Income, food & nutritional security for small farmer’ families
  • Employment opportunities for rural youth & landless people
  • Transparent & resilient supply chains providing raw material supply to companies & reducing reliance on Imports
  • Reduction in global warming through crop-tree farming & biomass production
  • Conversion of Degraded lands into Productive Lands through simple and scientific & sustainable land-water management practices

We are also committed to reinvesting the majority of our profits back into our field operations.  After deducting the expenses, the profits are re-invested into soil and water conservation, children’s education, and health & hygiene of farmers’ families.


We negotiate and sign a buy-back agreement with the paper mills. The key clause of the agreement is that the paper mills would procure raw materials through SAI at a current or future price, whichever is higher at the time of harvesting.

Following this, we mobilize and organize small and marginal farmers by conducting door-to-door awareness campaigns and their exposure to model farms.  We build their capacity, organize agriculture equipment, provide doorstep delivery of inputs, and technical support throughout the production cycle.

SAI’s unique feature is its Community Resource Person (CRP) concept. The CRP is a rural youth belonging to the local area and selected by farmers themselves. These youths are trained by SAI to build their capacity to provide  one-to-one support to the collaborative farmers for which they are paid a monthly honorarium as well as performance incentives.


We are a B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Customers) company.


Project Areas

  • Odisha
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Himachal Pradesh