Industry Partnerships

Are you an agro-industry that is looking to partner with farmers to procure organic produce or reduce your carbon footprint?

We have a network of partner farmers who grow produce organically using Good Agricultural Practices. Each step from the beginning of the farming cycle till the harvesting is closely monitored by our team, ensuring optimum quality with 100% transparency.

With us, you can procure premium raw materials such as:

  1. Millets
  2. Herbal produce (Mentha, Lemongrass etc.)
  3. NTFP
  4. Fresh Fruits and/or value-added products.

We can also implement our agroforestry model with farmers within your operational area, thus decreasing costs, while not compromising on quality.

Each acre of our model captures 36.5 tonnes of carbon thus, we can collaborate with industry partners that are seeking carbon credits.

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