Replicator Partnerships

Are you an individual or an organization looking to implement a climate friendly model in your area? We have a network of national and international partners with whom we are collaboratively developing projects with our model.

Benefits of a Replication Partnership with Us:

  • Pro Bono Mentoring for 1.5 years (No subscription fee)
  • Long Term Partnership with Constant Support Post Mentoring
  • Technical Expertise for Replication of Model
  • Support with Funding Proposals, Business Plan Development & Market Linkages
  • No Dilution of Ownership or Equity
  • A Transparent Profit-Sharing Arrangement Tailored to Provide Maximum Benefit to the Community and Partner

What we are Looking For:

  • Can be an Individual or an Organization (For Profit/Non-Profit)
  • Has been Engaged in Uplifting Local Communities for At least for a Year
  • Interest in Developing a Social Impact Based Agri-Enterprise
  • Interest in Replicating Agroforestry Model
  • Time Commitment Towards Mentorship, On Field Implementation and Community Mobilization
  • Proactive Attitude and Interest in Entrepreneurship

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